About Personal Exposure Reporting

California Professional Firefighters’ PERSONAL EXPOSURE REPORTING (PER) offers an easy, secure and comprehensive method of recording your exposure to cancer-causing chemicals and biological toxins.

Established in 1985, PER has been a secure lockbox for more than 100,000 exposure reports. These reports provide critical documentation needed in Workers’ Compensation cases involving job-related illnesses and in medical diagnosis for those illnesses.

Using the confidential PER website, www.peronline.org, you can keep a private record of: 

  • Incident information
  • Nature and duration of exposure
  • Medical symptoms experienced
  • Medical diagnosis and treatment
  • Recurring exposures on the job (diesel fuel, etc.)

Best of all, reporting is secure. You create your own name and password and the information is encrypted for your protection. PER is your record. Nobody can access your records except you.

The records you create are yours forever ... even after you retire.

Exposure Reporting Made Easy

The updated interface for PER makes it easier than ever for firefighters to document their exposures. Just enter the basic information about the incident, a few general facts about the exposures and what, if any, medical effects you had. As more information comes in, just edit the report right in the same system.

Exposures that happen every day – such as diesel fuel, mold in the station, etc. – can be updated with a few taps on a calendar – no need to enter a separate report for each day.

The new interface simplifies the process of reporting on smaller screens – laptops, tablets and smartphones. You can document your exposures on the go.

Your least expensive personal protection

CPF’s online PER system is available to any firefighter at a nominal cost: $15 a year. Members of California Professional Firefighters are eligible for a special rate of $10 a year.

Firefighters in other states may also qualify for special pricing. Click SUBSCRIBE to find out more. 

Individual firefighters can sign up for PER HERE

EXISTING MEMBERS: If you have reported exposures before August 1, 2017, you must activate your account in the new system. (ACTIVATE HERE).

You may already be pre-paid

Dozens of departments and local unions are committed enough to exposure reporting that they pay for their firefighters to join. Find out HERE if your department is on the list.

If you are part of a pre-paid group, click HERE to sign up.