Frequently Asked Questions

My local/department pays for my membership in the PER program. How do I log on?

You will need to activate your account. CLICK HERE to activate and begin reporting. If you have trouble, email us ( or call PER staff at 888-231-3184, or at 916-921-9111.

How do I know if my department or local pays for my PER membership?

You can see the PER Pre-Paid list HERE. If you’re not sure, ask your local union president.

I’ve been an active member of PER and have reported in the past. Do I need to register again under the new system?

Yes. If you’ve entered exposures on paper or under the old system, you will need to activate your account on the new PER Online.

I tried re-registering with my PER information but the new system doesn’t recognize me. How do I log in?

If you’re an existing member and can’t subscribe, it may be because of outdated information in our database (often it's because an old email was used). Please call the PER staff (888-231-3184). They’ll put it right.


I entered a lot of exposures under the old PER system. How do I get those records?

All exposures entered prior to August 1, 2017 are archived and accessible as they have always been, by contacting PER staff either by phone: 888-231-3184, or email at We are working with our developers and hope to make pre-August 1, 2017 records available online in a future release. 


I am constantly being exposed to diesel exhaust and other toxic fumes in and around the fire station. Do I have to submit a separate incident report for each day?

No! Under the new PER Online, you enter the full information about these recurring exposures just once. To record additional exposures, just check the dates on the calendar under “Edit Recurring Exposures.

I have recently changed my employer. How do I keep my member profile updated?

Your records are maintained in the data based on your name, email address, last four digits of Social Security number and, if applicable, your IAFF Local. To change any of your information, simply login and click SETTINGS from your Dashboard.


How do I get copies of my exposure reports?

You can download lists of your exposure reports or each detailed report directly from your Incident List in the system. Just pick the incident and hit the box at the lower right. You can also e-mail (, or phone the PER staff at 888-231-3184 and ask to have your confidential reports compiled and sent to your home address. NOTE: We will only send these reports to the address listed in our database, so be sure your address is current. 


Why don’t I have to enter specific chemical names or information?

By understanding the type of incident – structure fire, wildland, EMS response, etc. – and the general nature of the exposure, it is possible to identify chemical agents that are likely to be present as a result. No more chemical lists.  


What happens with my personal information?

Your confidential information is protected by state-of-the-art encryption on our secure servers. Member information is never sold to vendors or used for commercial purposes.


Can I still enter exposures using paper or postcard forms?

No. In order to ensure that records are all housed securely and completely, we will no longer accept reports filed on paper forms. PER Online is designed to make exposure reporting easier and more convenient.


What happened to all the reports I entered on paper?

If you have submitted exposure reports on a paper form, we have those records securely archived and scanned in, so they remain secure. If you want to retrieve these records, you’ll need to contact our PER Staff.


I still have questions, how do I get answers?

Call the CPF office and ask to speak to PER Staff:  (916) 921-9111, or you can e-mail your questions to